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As a future Northern client you'll gain the peace of mind of knowing that your turnover date will be met and that your product will be delivered with the highest industry standards.


I am writing to confirm that Bombay has been working with Northern Contracting for the past 4 years on building new Bombay stores. We never have any delays in new store openings because Northern is never late in turning over the stores to us.  They are very organized and the stores are handed to us in great condition.

I highly recommend Northern Contracting as a trustworthy and reliable contractor for any organization.

Tuesday Sengthavy
Store Operations Coordinator
Bombay Canada


The Brick
Northern Contracting Solutions Ltd has been contracted by The Brick Warehouse LP, over the past several years and for The Brick Mattress Stores, the projects have ranged from minor renovations, up to complete store projects.  Northern has reacted promptly and effectively on every project they have taken on for The Brick Matress Stores, and have always corrected the issues.

The Brick Mattress Stores also work with Northern on all service calls for all of our locations.  Their response time is extremely prompt, and always finds the solutions in order to correct the problem.

The Brick Mattress Store strongly recommends Northern Contracting Solutions Ltd, as a preferred contractor in all aspects of our valued relationship.

Steve Carella
Director of Stores
The Brick Warehouse LP




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